Why work with our wealth management team?

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We are here to help you protect and support those things that mean the most to you – your family, the life style you have and your freedom to make choices about them all. We spend time with you to understand what worries you the most, where your priorities really lie and what timescales you are working towards with your plans.

When understanding your priorities, inevitably financial security will be at the forefront of your thoughts and plans, whether that be now or strengthening it for the future. By asking the right questions and listening to you, we make sure we don’t miss the little things, which you might think don’t mean much, so we ensure all your precious things are covered.

Our questions will delve into your income and savings and other assets, commitments and responsibilities – we’re not prying, we need to know so added to your priority list we can agree the steps we need to take and when to help you achieve your goals.  We will then let you know how we can help, what that help and plans look like and once you are happy with the costs involved we will begin the work for you.

Our advisers are skilled and qualified, and all our work is based on confidence, communication, trust and respect and we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional, personal and pro-active service.

Our commitment to you

  • To act in your best interests
  • To think long-term
  • To care passionately about what we do
  • To add value
  • To do what we say we will
  • To ensure that you fully understand what you are doing and why

G+E Wealth Management are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

For more information please contact our team at hello@ge-wm.co.uk – 01904 464 100