Why choose our VAT support services?

Our VAT support services team provide advice and assistance to businesses and the not for profit sector as well as to other advisers, including accountancy and legal practices.

Examples of the type of work we get involved in include:

  • Academies – advice regarding the various income streams of academies and their trading subsidiaries and VAT recovery on costs incurred.
  • Charities generally – advice regarding the VAT treatment of the various income streams and the VAT reliefs available.
  • Partial exemption – advice regarding VAT recovery and capital goods scheme adjustments.
  • Construction sector – advice regarding the VAT treatment of construction services, which can vary depending on the nature of the project.
  • Property transactions – advice regarding the option to tax and VAT recovery.
  • International transactions – advice regarding whether VAT is due and whether a foreign VAT registration is required


Where advice on VAT and Sales Taxes in other jurisdictions is required our Praxity Worldwide Alliance membership provides us with access to specialists in other countries, both within and beyond the EU.

For more information please contact Naveen Sahney or Alex Millar at hello@garbutt-elliott.co.uk – 01904 464 100.