Providing you with VAT Savings + Avoiding VAT Risks, giving you peace of mind

Garbutt + Elliott’s experienced VAT team provides specialist consultancy advice, not just the standard VAT registration and compliance services.

Talk to us early, we can help with:
VAT Savings – we have saved our clients over £1m of VAT in the last twelve months
Avoiding VAT risks – VAT errors can be very costly, not just in terms of the unexpected VAT, but interest and penalties, and sometimes damage to commercial relationships

VAT Savings

Recent examples of big VAT savings that our team has created for clients include:

  • For a vehicle business, separating a single standard rated supply into two component parts, one of which was exempt. This generated a VAT saving of £240,000.
  • Advising a corporate finance business on the correct treatment of their supplies, helping them to recover over £250,000 in VAT from HMRC.
  • Guiding a hospice to implement recent legislative changes on non-business activities, enabling them to recover around £30,000 VAT.

Key Sectors with VAT Opportunities

Organisations involved in the following activities have in particular benefited from our VAT consultancy services:

  • Education
  • Care
  • Charity
  • Construction
  • Property
  • Retail Finance
Key Business Activities Carrying VAT Risk

There are a host of potential VAT risk areas for many charities and business. Even for “safe” businesses new types of transactions arising from time to time can have VAT repercussions.

Typical risk areas for VAT include:


Where advice on VAT and Sales Taxes in other jurisdictions is required our Praxity Worldwide Alliance membership provides us with access to specialists in other countries, both within and beyond the EU.

For more information please contact Naveen Sahney or Alex Millar at – 01904 464 100.