Why should you work with our Solicitors team?

The legal practice is one of the most highly rated and complex sectors outside of financial services; it is also one of the riskiest with the level of client monies held.

Garbutt + Elliott's review of files, accounts systems, controls and procedures, followed up by a traffic light risk-based report is an invaluable tool for Managing Partners, COFAs and FDs Managing Partner Leading Yorkshire law firm

Our specialist team is dedicated to understanding the specific requirements of solicitor firms and provide an integrated approach to all aspects of managing your business.

Our solicitors service includes:

  • Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Accounts Rules compliance – we pride ourselves on providing a value-added approach to our work, creating a blended approach of full-scale compliance with an advisory approach to systems, controls, and general business practices.
  • Business accounts and tax compliance – as well as the SRA audit work, our team are responsible for the on-site accounts and tax work ensuring technical excellence in our work whilst combining a pragmatic understanding of how we can genuinely improve your firm.
  • Tax planning – our solicitors team ensures that your financial matters are overseen with structure, financing and succession in mind. This gives the opportunity for us to help to deliver genuine long-term growth prospects for your firm.Financial management – with ever more emphasis on the COFA (Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration) for sound financial principles within a solicitors firm, with enhanced accountability for the actions of everyone, we offer a full support service to assist in covering these responsibilities, as well as training and advice in best practice across the legal sector.
  • Our unique SRA Health check; a comprehensive review of your systems and procedures which follows the principle of “prevention is cheaper than the cure”.
  • Separation & Divorce support for your clients

To discuss your requirements further please contact Alex Hird at hello@garbutt-elliott.co.uk – 01904 464 100