Why choose our manufacturing team?

Our specialist manufacturing team, led by Alan Sidebottom provide advice to businesses across the region. In this sector key areas where our clients often need advice include:

Over the years the continuity of personnel has enabled the relationship to grow such that we genuinely regard G+E as essential business partners, they have taken the time to know us and our business. Neil Marwood, Group Finance Director Plasmor Limited

  • Claiming R&D Tax credits; helping you to maximise the tax benefits of this generous relief
  • The new Patent Box initiative; for manufacturers of innovative products there are substantial tax savings to be made from this new government initiative.
  • VAT, minimising the amount of import duty you may have to pay, alongside traditional compliance advice.
  • Raising finance; to help with expansion and funding of new equipment and machinery.

What makes us different?

Partner-led service; we offer regular meetings with your relationship and audit partners which enables us to identify opportunities and work effectively together

Integrated audit and tax approach; We offer an integrated audit and tax approach which ensures cost and communication efficiencies.

Proven track record; We have an excellent understanding of the manufacturing sector, and we work closely with our many manufacturing clients across the region.

For more information contact Alan Sidebottom at hello@garbutt-elliott.co.uk 01904 464 100