What makes our horse racing team different?

Our specialist team have a breadth of experience in the horse racing sector developed through individual interest and close working relationships with a variety of racecourses, horse owners and trainers.

We have worked with Garbutt + Elliott LLP for many years and we have been most impressed with the service they deliver. Their wealth of experience and knowledge of our sector meant they can meet our needs and deliver a service personal to us William Derby York Racecourse

In such a fast paced sector we appreciate that the rules are extensive and frequently amended, we will always ensure that you are kept up to date and remain fully compliant.

HMRC has historically taken an interest in the horse racing sector, and our experienced tax investigation specialists have detailed and practical experience of the horse racing sector rules and their application. We can guide you through the enquiry process and undertake all dealings with HMRC on your behalf.

Services we also offer are:


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