Research & Development Tax Credits (R&D)

R&D is a government incentive to encourage UK companies to undertake research and development activities.

Garbutt + Elliott have been essential in saving us substantial tax through their expertise and practical business sense. The tax savings we have benefitted from have been ploughed back into the business to fund our expansion plans. Rupert Pearson Olicana

If you are under the Small and Medium-sized Entities R&D scheme then you could receive:

  • Up to 26% of R&D qualifying costs reduction in corporation tax liability; or
  • Up to 33.35% of R&D qualifying costs as a cash repayment if loss making.


Alternatively, if you are under the large company R&D scheme then you could receive:

  • Up to 8.8% of R&D qualifying costs reduction in corporation tax liability/cash repayment.

Why choose our R&D service?

15 years of experience in the R&D field We know what HMRC want to see in a claim and how to explain your project in a way they can understand. We have identified over £3m of R&D tax relief in the last year alone.

Enhancing your claim We have an in depth understanding of the legislation and will make sure that we explore your relevant expenditure to see if we can improve your claim.

Contingent fees Nothing to pay unless the claim is successful.

Peace of mind If a HMRC enquiry is opened into R&D then we will provide additional professional costs to defend the claim up to the value of £5,000 as part of our service with no additional expense for you.


Please contact one of our R&D specialists Rob Durrant-Walker or Zoe Flanagan , at – 01904 464 100 for a no obligation discussion about whether these tax savings are applicable to you.