Why choose our private clients services?

Acting as trusted advisors to individuals and their families, our private clients team represent over 250 trusts. We build long-lasting relationships aimed at helping you manage your private financial affairs and save tax in the future.

It is important for high net worth individuals to receive reliable advice and explore the different funding options which are available. Our private clients team work closely with you to deliver a tailored service just for you.

Our clients stay with us for many years and we believe this is due to building strong relationships and consistently delivering an individual service.

Self Assessments:

Personal tax assessments are essential if you are self-employed. Our team will complete the myriad of forms for you, so you need never worry about the January 31st deadline again.

Inheritance Tax:

You don’t have to be extremely wealthy to become subject to inheritance Tax (IHT) because it is a tax that is charged on the value of property and assets when someone dies – it’s remarkable how quickly it all adds up, so our team will help you minimise your liability so you can enjoy those assets left to you.

Offering a complete in-house service we can provide:


For more information please contact Richard Whitelock, Ian Drakes or Robert Peel,  at hello@garbutt-elliott.co.uk – 01904 464 100