Why choose our Patent Box Service?

Patent Box in the UK is a tax incentive introduced in 2013 designed to encourage companies to make profits from their patents by reducing the UK tax paid on those profits. The Patent Box allows a 10% tax rate on profits derived from any products that incorporate patents.

We are indebted to Garbutt + Elliott and Secerna for explaining this new regime to us and their on-going advice and support is invaluable. Paul Simpson Fantastak

In depth understanding of the legislation: we can tell you what intellectual property (IP) counts, what income qualifies, how expenses are calculated and what the claim is worth.

Enhancing the claim: where can you secure further IP rights, how can you refine your business model to capture more qualifying income, where are the boundaries between what can and can’t be claimed

In depth understanding of HMRCs view:  we know how best to present a claim to HMRC and will advise you those aspects of a claim that will be accepted and those which are likely to be harder to get through, before you even put the claim in.

Seamless connectivity with R&D service: many clients who can make a Patent Box claim will be also be involved in R&D and vice versa. Where that happens we can ensure both aspects are maximised in one single exercise.

For more information, please contact Rob Durrant-Walker at hello@garbutt-elliott.co.uk – 01904 464 100