Buying a Business or Company

Has the time come for you to think about alternative ways of growing your business? If so, the acquisition of another business may complement organic growth and enable you to expand more quickly. Buying or merging with another business can create greater value at a faster speed if you seek expert advice as part of the process.

Buying another business can however be risky and you should therefore consider your motivation and strategy carefully before proceeding and how and why your business plus another will enable you to increase business value overall. Two and two can make five or more if your strategy is well thought through..

Our team will assist in making the process as smooth as possible and provide you with the right acquisition or merger advice by:

  • Testing and providing a critique of your strategy
  • Using industry databases to locate potential target companies to acquire or merge with
  • Approaching target companies on your behalf to retain anonymity
  • Handling offers, fronting negotiations and advising on value to get the best price and the right deal
  • Helping you raise the finance through our contacts and understanding of the funding market
  • Assisting with due diligence and minimising risk
  • Advising on the most tax efficient route forward to minimise tax
  • Helping you identify synergy benefits and true business value for you

Our clients have found that talking to us early in any acquisition or merger process gets the most benefits. We can help you find the best fit target companies, negotiate the best price, make sure you get the best funding deal and take the pressure off you enabling you to continue to run your existing business on track.

We can also source acquisitions that may not even be on the market officially in your sector through research and direct approach and we have had success in finding businesses to acquire and supporting our client’s growth strategies in helping handle the entire deal and take the pressure off you.

If you are thinking about buying or acquiring a business as part of a growth plan going forward then why not have an initial chat so we can help you through your thought process and beyond.

For more information please contact Tony Farmer or Tariq Javaid