Since April 2015, all non-residents need to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on all UK residential property sales with their CGT return and tax due within 30 days of the property sale.

Would you be able to give your clients alternative calculation methods to help them minimise their tax?

No doubt both you and your clients would like peace of mind that their tax position on sale is looked after by tax experts?

Benefits to You

Whilst it’s your client’s obligation to comply with the new legislation we will work with both you and your clients to help meet the new obligations and advise on the most beneficial calculation option for each property sale.

Scope of Our Work for You

  1. We prepare and submit the Capital Gains Tax return on behalf of the vendor.
  2. We are engaged by you to provide this service rather than by your client
  3. We register as your client’s tax agent with HMRC so we can assist you with any correspondence with them.
  4. We will liaise directly with your client to streamline the process and provide them with the necessary details needed to prepare the return.
  5. In many cases an April 2015 property valuation is likely to be needed, for which we can use either our own valuer or yours.
  6. We prepare the Capital Gains Tax return and alternative computations of gain/loss and discuss with your client the calculation type used and the amount of tax which is payable – if applicable.
  7. If for any reason a final return cannot be prepared, we will submit a provisional return and follow up with a final return once your client has provided us with the outstanding information.


To find out more about this service, contact our tax team at – 01904 464 100