Business Sales

Selling your business can be one of the most important things you need to consider in your life and often it is the first and last time you do it. It is really important that you get the right rewards for years of effort building up business value and you obtain expert advice on business value and partner with the right advisers to help you through the emotional and practical challenges any business sale process typically involves. G+E can not only hold your hand through the process but importantly find the right buyer for your business, maximise value and minimise risk. We can also as part of our team use our specialist transaction tax team to ensure you keep as much of the proceeds as possible in your hands rather than the taxman.

We have helped many Yorkshire business owners through this process and they have emerged with better value than they expected and appreciative of the sensible and commercial advice we have provided. We understand fully the importance of driving a competitive sale process but also the importance of sourcing and finding the right buyer who will see strategic value and pay the best price.

Years of experience help us to know how to paint your business in it’s best light, sell the strengths and opportunities and run a process that involves coaching and helping you but also ensuring you have time to keep your business on track throughout.

There are many reasons why you may consider selling your business, however, in most cases owners often only think about selling when they are directly approached by a buyer or when the business is experiencing difficulties. This approach will typically not result in highest value.

Having time to plan your exit, as well as getting the right advisor and management team in place is critical to being in control of your business or company sale and therefore maximising its value.

Garbutt + Elliott Corporate Finance will work with you to ensure buyers fully understand the opportunities for them from acquiring your business but critically, we also fully manage and control the disposal process. We will:

  • Advise you on value through research and benchmarking processes and help you plan the best timing for sale
  • Fully research and understand your market to locate the best potential buyers
  • Help you consider whether to sell to management (MBO) or to a trade buyer or institution
  • Maximise your proceeds by tried and tested processes and ensure the buyers are credible and have the funding in place
  • Front all negotiations to get you the best deal
  • Ensure timescales are adhered to and process stays on track so you sell when you want to
  • Manage and minimise potential conflict between parties
  • Get you the most tax-efficient sale structure

Despite being a Yorkshire business ourselves we have global reach through our Praxity worldwide alliance and many of our sales have recently been to overseas businesses. We also have regular contact with other professionals who act for companies looking to acquire.

Selling your business is a really key decision – why not have a free of charge chat with us about your thoughts and plans, pick our brains and meet the team that has helped many business owners like yourself get more value than they expected.

For more information please contact Tony Farmer or Tariq Javaid