The main reasons companies seek a listing on a recognised public market or Stock Exchange are:

  • To raise capital for business expansion and provide easier access to future funding
  • To realise capital value for the owners by selling some shares
  • To increase the status of the company and brand awareness which may itself provide business opportunities
  • To establish a market in the shares and assist later growth finance and funding


"I would like to thank Garbutt + Elliott for the invaluable expertise and support they have provided to Hunters over the years and during the flotation process" Ed Jones Hunters Property PLC's CFO

Through our global alliance of independent firms, Praxity AISBL and drawing on experience within Garbutt + Elliott Corporate Finance we can advise you throughout the listing process.

We have acted as Reporting Accountants on several flotations and Stock Exchange listings and provide expert corporate finance advice to assist you through the flotation process.

Flotation or becoming a listed company is a key route to consider if you are thinking of selling your business or require growth finance and funding but your business needs to be of a size that warrants the cost and complexity of the process.

We can talk you through the benefits and challenges involved and also give you a view on business value when listed. It is a real option now with the capital markets moving more freely but it is a process that requires a real understanding of the benefits before embarking on the process. For certain of our clients it has been the right route forward and has led to success compared to other options.

We can help you understand the listing process, develop plans and time frames and help you manage the process smoothly with advice based on experience of helping many similar clients over the years.

We are always happy to have an initial free meeting to explore your options.

For more information please contact Tony Farmer or Tariq Javaid