So why exactly do you run marathons?

Nigel Shaw, Partner at Garbutt + Elliott tries to answer this difficult question ahead of his 6th marathon in York on Sunday 9 October 2016. He will be running on behalf of The Haven, a breast cancer charity based in Leeds which is one of our charitable partners for 2016.

charity accounatnts

“I get asked this question by many people – in particular my wife, children & many friends who clearly think I am completely barmy!

The answer is not straightforward because at my age (I was 53 in June)  I’m told I should be “taking things easy” OR “slowing down abit”. But forget all that – age should not really come into taking on a challenge like a marathon. It’s really all about what’s in your head that counts not how many candles on your Birthday cake.

So on 9 October when I am stood on the start line at York University what exactly, will be going through my head? Various things & in no particular order:

  1. Pace yourself – don’t get carried away in the first 35km!
  2. Did I do enough fundraising ?– I always want to achieve the best for my chosen charity
  3. Will I get overtaken by any “Superheroes” in fancy dress or “Ronnie the Rhino” (how embarrassing would that be! I am a Bradford Bulls supporter)
  4. Did I eat enough porridge ?
  5. Did I eat too much porridge ?

And finally – the most important thing:

Let’s just do this & have some fun – it could be alot worse (for me, worse would be jumping out of a plane strapped to a complete stranger) At least with a marathon you are in complete control – well until you reach 35km & then it could be time for the Johnny Brownlee impersonation ! (hopefully not).”

How to donate

If you would like to support both Nigel’s efforts in the Yorkshire Marathon & our general fundraising on behalf of The Haven in 2016 please Click here to donate. All support is greatly appreciated.