Working From Home – make a claim for tax relief

If you have been working from home, you may be eligible for tax relief for additional costs. This can be if you work regularly from home for all or part of your working week, and includes working from home due to the Coronavirus. However, you cannot claim tax relief if you choose to work from home for convenience.

Additional costs here include things like heating, lighting and water charges. You cannot claim for costs that don’t change whether you are working from home or not, such as mortgage or rent payments or council tax.

There are also special rules on broadband connections and purchasing your own office equipment – see link to our more detailed website blog on this here:

There are two options for claiming tax relief – you can claim relief:

  • At a flat rate of £6 per week, without the need to keep records of costs incurred, or
  • On the exact amount of additional costs incurred, provided you retain evidence of those costs via receipts or contracts to support your claim

The tax relief will be based at the rate of tax which you normally pay. If you pay tax at 20% and claim the flat rate of £6 a week you will receive £1.20 per week in tax relief. Higher rate taxpayers will receive £2.40 in tax relief.

You must make your claim directly with the HMRC. Please follow the link to check if you are eligible and to make a claim:

if you any further questions or queries regarding the above please contact: