Why you need to act now: Alcohol Wholesales Registration Scheme

You will already be aware of the new HMRC scheme; Alcohol Wholesaler Registration (AWRS); aimed at combatting alcohol duty fraud.

The scheme requires any business, trading or selling alcohol in wholesale volumes, to undertake tests ensuring they are trading legally. Under the scheme, licensed retailers will also be affected and will be required to prove that any alcohol stocked has been bought by a HMRC registered wholesaler.

Aimed at reducing the estimated £1.3billion in public money lost each year due to the ‘duty unpaid’ goods in the wholesale and retail supply chains, the scheme takes effect from 1 October 2015.

Attached is a briefing pack as an introduction to AWRS by HMRC.

There is plenty you can do now to get ready for applying AWRS, if you require any support please contact Matthew Grant, Director and Specialist in the Brewery sector on 0113 273 9600 or enquiry@garbutt-elliott.co.uk.