Filing a loved one’s final tax return – how we can support your family dealing with your probate.

It is one of the hardest conversations to have with your loved ones – what will happen when you die? But it is a conversation that you should have at regular intervals throughout your life and doing so will make things so much easier when the inevitable time comes.

It is never easy to think of how your assets will be dealt with after you die but planning now will help reduce complications and will ensure that all matters are carried out smoothly, during a time of grief for your family. Pre-planning makes saying goodbye significantly less stressful, although no less emotional and will also make the financial, legal and practical consequences of death much easier for your loved ones to deal with.

When dealing with the finances and assets of your estate, the best people to turn to are your accountants. We fully understand your lifetime financial situation and have already ensured all measures have been taken to protect your wealth. Upon your passing we are best placed to save your family time, money and stress, during an already difficult period.  The reality is that, during the probate process, solicitors would turn to us to gather financial information anyway.

Garbutt + Elliott are licensed to provide a probate service and as such can assist with all areas of an uncontested estate, as well acting as executors to your will.  We can take care of all the paperwork including inheritance tax calculations, agreeing tax liabilities with HMRC and completing all final tax returns.

Our experts are ready to support your family and to remove as much stress as possible and upon passing, we are best placed to ensure that your loved ones are protected from unnecessary financial losses. It makes not only financial sense, but emotional sense too.

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