Realising your dreams

When most entrepreneurs decide to sell their business the likelihood is that somewhere in the process they have a hope for a different future. Part of our job as business advisors is to enable many of them to realise their dreams.

Having time to plan your exit, decide what you want out of it, as well as getting the right team in place, is critical to being in control of your sale and therefore maximising its value.

Our first piece of advice is to start planning early as an ideal time to sell a company is when it can demonstrate the following attributes:

  • A successful track record
  • Good future prospects
  • Top quality management

As with most major transactions relating to your business, there are wider repercussions relating to taxes and laws and these are ever evolving. It will benefit you and your business to get the right advice, at the right time, from the right team to maximise the amount you receive.

How can we help you?

  • Maximise proceeds
  • Protect your interests
  • Ensure time scales are adhered to by all parties
  • Minimise potential conflicts between yourself and the buyer, or your management.

Your interests are at the centre of everything we do:

  • Prepare marketing documents
  • Research target market
  • Deal with interested parties
  • Indicative offers and generate competition
  • Negotiate and structure the deal
  • Agree a deal in principle
  • Project manage to completion

The whole process can take around three to six months so be prepared to be fully committed to the transaction.

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