PAYE Health Checks

HMRC now scrutinise SMEs more than ever in their efforts to raise tax revenues, with recent figures showing more than £4bn collected from PAYE and VAT enquiries alone. With the recent debt created by the unprecedented Covid-19 financial support schemes, HMRC are significantly increasing their resources and efforts to identify and claw back as much unpaid tax as possible, so many businesses can expect a HMRC visit or checks sooner or later.

Our PAYE Health Check is recommended as a proactive way of identifying any employment taxes compliance weaknesses before any HMRC PAYE Visit. At the same time as ensuring your business remains compliant with the ever more complex tax rules, our reviews can also identify opportunities to save or provide more tax efficient rewards for your staff.

What is a PAYE health check service?

A PAYE Health Check service involves our Employment Taxes specialist meeting with you and your Finance/HR team to:

  • Inform you about recent key tax changes, and discuss how they are applicable to your business
  • Identify any areas those changes cause concerns and where they present opportunities to save tax
  • Review issues relating to your employment taxes compliance issues (including P11D, PSA, expenses policies etc)
  • Advise on any areas you feel the business may have any weaknesses that require advice/action on

The review meeting will be followed with a summary report covering the key areas discussed and any recommendations and action points. If there is a need for further advice on certain action points, we can tailor our approach to advising on these as part of the follow up.

Our PAYE Health Check is a fixed fee service – if you are interested please contact today.