The Budget – Business Tax Changes

This was a relatively meaty budget, with plenty of interest across many areas of business whether you are self employed, a company, micro-business, or commercial property investor. More

Seeking investment

Featured on Jeremy Oliver explores some of the funding sources available to hotel chains when looking to expand. More

Property Tax Changes

Property tax changes – taxation magazine:   There have been a number of significant changes to property taxation since 2013, including those which have not yet come to pass and are scheduled for 2017 and. More

Increase in Audit Thresholds

After several months of uncertainty, the government has finally concluded that audit thresholds should remain tied to company size thresholds for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2016. More

2016 Charity Partners

We have recently revealed the two charities we will be supporting this year – The Yorkshire Breast Cancer Haven and Special Stars Foundation. More

Smaller charities should focus on legacy income

Featured on Nigel Shaw, Partner, explores the continued rise of legacies as an income source for charities, and urges smaller charities in particular not to miss out on it. More