Pensions Tax Relief

Today sees the last day of the Government consultation on pensions tax relief and ideas under consideration include scrapping pension tax relief altogether, potentially from as early as April 2016, with a move to a. More

Why Size Matters!

As we receive the final pieces of the Financial Reporting jigsaw (inclusive of FRS 102, the new Financial Reporting standard to replace all existing ones), changes to UK and EU company size thresholds have created. More

What is good tax advice?

It might seem like a strange question for me to be posing, but the answer is perhaps not as obvious as some might think. More

Changing Charity Audit Thresholds

The audit thresholds for English and Welsh charities have been increased for years ending on or after 31 March 2015, the limits for charities registered in Scotland will however remain unchanged. More

Taking the Long View

The past couple of days have been ‘exciting’ – at least in the world of financial journalism –  It makes a great headline to say that £x billion has ‘been wiped off the value of. More

Dividend Tax Changes

One of the more surprising announcements in the Chancellor’s July Budget statement was changes to the way in which dividends are to be taxed from April 2016. More