How to Control Employee Expenses

Since the last recession, many businesses have, quite sensibly, become more focused on managing their overheads and controlling employee expenses is an important part of this process. More

Option to Tax

Supplies made out of land and commercial property (sale or rental) is exempt from VAT, subject to a tax payer opting to tax (OTT). More

Supplying Printing Companies

Important information for supplying printing companies Direct marketing via mail (addressed or unaddressed) typically involves the production of printed matter for distribution to a customers list. More

Another blow for buy-to-let investors

Featured on The Business Desk THE Chancellor today announced that those purchasing properties for buy-to-let or as holiday homes will have to pay a penalty – stamp duty at a rate that is 3% higher. More

Owner-managed businesses to face scrutiny

Featured on The Business Desk THE Chancellor has maintained his commitment to clamp down on individuals who seek to evade tax with a new penalty regime for those caught. More

Company cars, childcare and capital gains tax

Featured on – The Business Desk Although the Autumn Statement was unusually quiet on tax changes, providing some respite from the more significant changes that have been introduced previously by George Osborne, there were still. More

10% Corporation Tax – Changes Afoot

  A relatively new tax relief for companies, which enables them to pay a low rate of just 10% corporation tax on relevant profits, “Patent Box” is based on profits arising from a patented product,. More