New Guidance on the Right to Work in the UK

The Home Office have published a revised guide of the Employer’s Right to Work Checks (1st July 2021) and supporting guidance.

From 1st July there are further changes for employers on how to conduct a right to work check. This is due to the UK leaving the EU.

All employers should read the Home Office guidance to ensure that they remain compliant.  The Home office have also published a checklist to help employers perform the correct checks.

There are two ways that checks can be processed to confirm that an employee has the right to work in the UK.

  • Checks can be completed online. Information is provided in real time with information coming directly from the Home Office systems. This can save time as there are no requirements to see original documents as detailed in the Right to Work Checklist.
  • Physical checks can be completed, however you will need to obtain original documents detailed in the latest publication by the Home Office and follow the appropriate guidance.

The guidance also provides vital information relating to those you have employed prior to the 1st July 2021 and the actions you may need to take.

More information on how to conduct an online or manual check can be found in guidance at

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