The Charity Commission publishes welcome pack for new Charity Trustees

The Charity Commission has recently published a welcome pack for new Charity Trustees. The aim of the pack is to highlight the main duties of the role and to ensure that new trustees have access to all the necessary information, in an easy to understand and readily available resource.

Areas covered within the new welcome pack include financial filing requirements and support that the Charity Commission can offer to Trustees. It guides new Trustees in all the  governance basics and offers simple and practical steps that can be taken to carry out the six main Trustee duties effectively. It also provides information on what is needed to be done to keep charity records up to date and who to send these records to, as well as providing invaluable information about what to do when things go wrong.

Once new Trustees register their email address with the Charity Commission they will be emailed the pack, which is also beneficial to current Trustees, who would like to refresh their skills and knowledge base.

To access the welcome pack please visit the Charity Commission’s website.

If you have any questions with regards to the responsibilities associated with being a Charity Trustee, please contact our charities team.