National Payroll Week, 2019


Businesses up and down the country are celebrating National Payroll Week (NPW) 2019, which runs from the 2nd – 6th September. This year will be the 21st National Payroll Week and is intended to promote the work undertaken by payroll professionals and raise awareness of the importance of payroll from employees to Government Departments.

With over £301 billion expected to be collected by employers through PAYE and National Insurance in 2019/20, the role of payroll in business and the UK economy has a huge impact.

Garbutt + Elliott is celebrating NPW with a number of initiatives throughout the campaign.  Sarah Ashton, Payroll Partner says ‘The future of payroll is fundamental to all organisations and their staff. It also plays a huge part in ensuring the timely collection of PAYE and National Insurance.  Payroll is also a method used for collecting Student Loans and paying pension contributions as well as playing a pivotal part in statutory payments such as Statutory Sick Pay and Statutory Maternity and Adoption Pay.’

Payroll has also become more entwined with supporting families. Sarah Ashton points out that ‘At G+E, our payroll services also support areas such Shared Parental Leave (SPL) which is designed to provide more parents with flexibility.  One of the biggest developments with payroll and technology is the impact on Universal Credit (UC).  Rather than the claimants having to report changes to their income, this is now undertaken by information from the employers in real time via the payroll process. The importance for businesses to run a payroll accurately and on time has never been more important to families’.

With all of this in mind, Garbutt + Elliott are celebrating not only the work they carry out but also that of all businesses and their payroll staff. We will be posting blogs and useful information for both the employer and employees to help demystify some of the complexities of payroll as well as running a charity raffle, with kind donations from our clients, plus plenty of in house fun.

If you would like to know more about National Payroll Week or would like to speak to someone about your payroll needs please contact Sarah Ashton on 01904 464122 or on