My Yorkshire Weekend

I always try to leave the office at a reasonable time on a Friday – hopefully before 6pm. Usually we’ll stay in and have a “family night” which can mean watching some dreadful “reality tv” show which I loathe but with one exception – despite my sniping at this type of entertainment I’ve become addicted to “Google Box” – it’s probably the only tv programme I’ll consciously remember to watch. I just like watching the array of interesting people & how they react to certain programmes, especially the “posh couple” from Kent who are hilarious!

Saturday morning is usually my main training time. I’ve recently got back into running after a 15 year absence & rejoined my local running club Baildon Runners. If I’m training for a marathon I’ll run to the train station & catch a train to Ilkley, Leeds or Skipton & run back home – usually anything between 10 – 20 miles. Alternatively, I try to get to the local “Park Run” at least once a month (mine is in the delightful Lister Park in Bradford).” Park Run” is a great & simple concept – at 9am each Saturday morning 60,000 runners across the UK run a timed 5km run in the parks & green spaces across the country. What I like about it, is the cross section of runners (& walkers) – many serious, some just returning to exercise & pushing themselves every Saturday morning. It’s a great way to start the weekend.

Usually, after my run my wife, Judith & I will then walk the family dog, Harvey, he’s a Yorkshire Terrier with attitude & we’ll often go onto Baildon Moor. He loves the open spaces & we love the views from the trig point – we sometimes bump into the horses trained by the famous Harvey Smith who lives nearby – I think the jockeys are amused when they hear us call his name!

We’ll often eat out with family or friends on a Saturday evening & are really spoilt for choice. My favourite place at the moment is a local pub called “The Busfeild Arms” in nearby East Morton. We celebrated my mother-in-laws 80th there recently. Nothing is too much trouble & the food is first class.

Sunday will often see me attempting to “drawback” the years by attempting one of the many local races in the area – they can be 10k, 10 miles or a marathon. I like the variety but at my age my main asset is stamina, so I tend to leave the shorter distance races for the “youngsters”. At the moment I’m in the middle of the cross country season which is the hardest type of running I’ve ever done – it gets very competitive & us “Veterans” often get barged out of the way if we go too slow.

By Sunday evening I’m ready to relax & start preparing for the week ahead. Often I’ll retreat to what my kids call my “man cave” – it’s a log cabin I built at the bottom of the garden & houses my book & music collection. I’m an avid reader & love to collect books especially biographies. I usually end up listening to classical music, especially something stirring by Edward Elgar or the more reflective Samuel Barber, two of my favourite composers.