Less than 100 days – Get ready for 2021

There is now less than 100 days before we leave the Customs Union.

The Government announced on 23 September 2020 that:

“Businesses which are fully ready for life outside the Customs Union will also of course be better prepared for the growing number of export opportunities outside Europe as the UK establishes new trade relationships with partners across the globe, following the highly successful conclusion of our new trade deal with Japan. And, because preparing for customs procedures will be required with or without a Free Trade Agreement, these adjustments can’t of course be left until the last minute.

More and more businesses are becoming fully prepared but there are still many who have not quite taken the steps they need to. Our survey evidence indicates that while 78% of businesses have taken steps, just 24% believe that they are fully ready. Indeed, 43% of businesses actually believe the transition period will be extended, even though the deadline for any extension has now long passed and the date that we leave the Single Market and the Customs Union is fixed in law and supported across this House.”


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