How Technology is keeping our business running effectively – and can help yours too!

The world has undoubtedly changed in recent weeks, and so many of us are feeling the consequences through home-working. Fortunately, G+E have a forward-thinking approach to technology, and this has enabled us to maintain our usual high-quality service.

We are fortunate to live in a time when this is possible, and we have a full suite of tools available to us – it’s not all emails! Whilst many of our clients will be already familiar with our use of electronic signatures, fewer will appreciate our use of other software which has always allowed many of us to work remotely, or from home, without any interruption. This is why we have so effectively made the transition to home-working. Good examples of our technology are:

  1. Microsoft Teams. This is a ready-made video calling and chat service, as well as permitting file sharing. We are making significant use of this on an internal basis, but also using it as an important tool to communicate with our clients – even holding large audit completion meetings!
  2. Dropbox and Onedrive. Both are great ways to share significant files with our clients, and allow us to continue working with our clients whilst continuing to keep all data secure.
  3. Cloud accounting applications including Xero. We have been long-standing supporters of these and they are a great way to keep quality financial reporting flowing.

As Head of Innovation I am not surprised at all about the positive effect all of these are having on our lives, albeit the pace of adoption was unexpected! We have many more tools to ensure that we can continue this trend; now, more than ever, our clients need us to be there for them and we absolutely are relying on technology to meet this need.

However, this doesn’t stop there. We genuinely care about our clients and also understand that not everyone is technologically-savvy. Where clients are struggling to get to grips, or implement technology in their business, we’re happy to have a discussion as to their challenges. If you need some handholding to get to grips with things – we’re just on the end of the phone. Technology is only ever as good as those collaborating to use it, and if we can use it to help you keep your own business running then everybody benefits from this. We may not be IT specialists, but we understand how to implement cost-effective tools in an efficient way.

If you would like to speak to us about how technology can improve your business please contact me at ( of course I’m widely available, on the phone, Teams, Skype, or even WhatsApp!) for a free initial discussion and some good pointers.