Horse Racing Betting Right Brings a Boost to the Racing Industry

In this Budget George Osborne announced one of the biggest steps forward for the racing industry with the introduction of a horseracing betting right and this will be a tremendous boost for tens of thousands of people who work in the horseracing industry.

At present the vast majority of bets placed outside betting shops are making no contribution to the sport. The introduction of the Racing Right commands cross-party support and is a move away from the levy system, which will probably remain in place for a further year. There will clearly be on-going negotiations between the BHA and the bookmakers. We are fortunate that the BHA Chief Executive, Nick Rust, joined the organisation from Ladbrokes and clearly understands the interests and concerns of all parties.

Chris Blackburn commented, ‘Horseracing is Britain’s second most popular sport and the introduction of the racing right gives us a major opportunity to ensure that all of us involved in the industry work together to ensure that it continues on a sustainable footing.’

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