Garbutt + Elliott’s top tips for working from home

As the coronavirus pandemic tightens its grip across the UK and more businesses feel the impact, millions of workers have set up their office in their spare room or at the kitchen table.

For many working from home, the lockdown restrictions look as if they’ll be staying in place for a long time to come and many companies and workers struggling with a sudden cultural shift in how we work.

To help overcome this issue, here are Garbutt + Elliott’s tips to help make working from home as successful as possible for you:

  1. One thing many of us enjoy about coming into the office is the interaction and companionship. Consider having the radio/music on in the background, to make it seem a little less silent/lonely.
  2. Get up and ready each morning. Working in your pyjamas may seem like an exciting novelty, but in fact getting ready as though it were a day in the office help you feel more focussed and involved.
  3. Check in with your colleagues about what you’re working on, as you would do in the office.
  4. Take regular breaks. As you would in the office, make sure you make drinks and stand up from your ‘desk’ periodically.
  5. Take a proper lunch break and get away from your ‘desk’. If possible, get some fresh air (whilst adhering to government social distancing advice). Lunchtime may be a chance to have an informal/ social catch-up with colleagues that you would normally have in the staff kitchen.  We also suggest eating your meal away from your work station, to give yourself a mental break.
  6. Finish work at a sensible time. Working from home shouldn’t mean you take your laptop to bed with you!
  7. Please avoid physical contact and consider longer-term self-isolating if you fall into the high-risk category. For up to date information on the situation, please only refer to official advice from or the World Health Organisation.
  8. Remember to talk to your colleagues if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Stay in contact with friends and family who you’re not able to see.