Garbutt + Elliott visit Leeds Children’s Hospital

Over the last few years when we have partnered with our chosen charities we always like to arrange a visit & see for ourselves the kind of work which we are supporting. This can often, be difficult to arrange – sometimes the charity will be totally focused on delivering their work & the last thing they want is corporate partners getting in the way! This was in my mind when a group from our Leeds office recently paid a visit to the Leeds General Infirmary recently – I wanted to know more about the Leeds Children’s Hospital Appeal but I didn’t want to “get in the way”.

I needn’t have worried so much – we visited on a Friday which worked better for the staff & we given a proper look round the main children’s wards. Nothing was too much trouble & we were made to feel very welcome.

The appeal uses some of its fundraising to make the wards more “appealing” (excuse the pun) to the children who are admitted. Sometimes they can be in hospital for many months & it was good to see the varied artwork aimed at a cross-section of ages from the younger one’s in the “Panda Ward” (my favourite) to a state of the art IT suite where teenage patients can mix & perhaps “let off some steam” on the games & music consoles.

The Appeal would like to raise sufficient funds to upgrade the overnight accommodation provided for parents & family carers & to be honest it needs it! We were shown a few of the small (tiny, miniscule are better descriptions) rooms where parents can stay & perhaps get some rest whilst their child is cared for. Frankly, they deserve better – many parents will have travelled miles on a daily basis & the ability to offer them some decent overnight accommodation would, I am sure, make such a difference to them.

Well that’s what we all thought & hopefully in 2017/18 we can continue to run the 10k’s, bake the cakes, enjoy the parties & not worry about the health of our children – so we can raise sufficient funds (hopefully enough to upgrade some of the parent’s/carer’s accommodation) to help those families whose children are coping with illness.

If the visit achieved one thing its about raising our awareness of what businesses can do collectively to help a wonderful cause like this Appeal – it definitely inspired us & we were made so welcome. Nothing was too much trouble. In fact, I might just paint a few Panda’s on the walls of my “Man shed” !