Garbutt + Elliott partner with Receipt Bank, the UK’s number one pre-accountancy tool

Garbutt + Elliott, has recently partnered with Receipt Bank, the UK’s number one pre-accountancy tool. As one of the 600 plus add-ons available through our chosen cloud-based accountancy software, Xero, we have decided to partner with Receipt Bank due to their user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it the best choice for their clients.

The partnership with Receipt Bank means that we can offer even more added value to our clients. With a simple snap, businesses can instantly scan their receipts, which then go through a data extraction process via Receipt Bank.  It is an excellent, hassle free way for clients to transform their paper documents directly into data in their accounting, via app or email, eradicating the need for manual data entry.

The simplicity and ease of the process means that we are able to free up significantly more time for engaging with clients, meeting their other needs and helping them achieve their business goals. Removing the requirement of manual entry and by increasing automation, our clients are not only able to shave hours off their admin time, but also increase the accuracy of their records giving them greater confidence in their decision making.

The system also allows clients to have a better handle of their business accounts in real time. For example, by means of a simple text, business owners can invite their employees to scan their own expenses which are stored within the secure app, so that they can see and manage their finances on the go, as they happen.

With the impending arrival of Making Tax Digital (MTD), in April 2019, tools like Receipt Bank are essential for completing the digital processes and improving business efficiency. Current statistics suggest that up to 65% of UK small businesses are not yet using suitable accounting technology to move them into the digital age.

Garbutt + Elliott are well placed to help ensure that small businesses can transition easily from traditional accountancy to digital accountancy. To find out more please contact us at