Garbutt + Elliott Cashflow Forecast Tool

To support you and your business through this difficult time Garbutt + Elliott have created a Garbutt+Elliott Cashflow Forecasting Tool which is designed to be a simple cash planning tool for your business. 


It also provides an indication of how much additional funding your business may require in the forecast period, and the point at which this funding might be required.


The tool will enable you to forecast expected cashflow and monitor headroom for the coming weeks and months.  The forecasts can be set to be daily, weekly or monthly.


To access the tool, click the link below

Garbutt+Elliott Cashflow Forecasting Tool


Should you require assistance with completing this workbook or with raising finance for your business, please contact Tony Farmer  who will be happy to help.




This cashflow tool is intended to assist you with identifying upcoming cash requirements and provide an indication of any possible shortfalls. The forecasts relate to future events and actual cashflow may differ from that forecast; events and circumstances frequently do not occur as expected and these differences may be material.
Garbutt & Elliott LLP accepts no liability in respect of the accuracy of the forecasts generated.
In the event that external funding is required, it is likely that fully integrated P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow forecasts will be required to support an application.  Under those circumstances, please get in touch with your Garbutt & Elliott contact.