Garbutt + Elliot raising money for our chosen charities with the 5×5 challenge!

At Garbutt + Elliott we are proud to live by our values and support or clients, contacts and colleagues during this difficult time.

We believe that small things make a big difference and during this time we’ve decided to help our chosen charities for this year, York Rescue Boat and Leeds Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, by taking up the 5×5 challenge, helping to raise money for these worthy causes.

What is the 5×5 challenge?

The 5×5 challenge is simple, we challenge our staff to do 5 things, 5 times, for 5 days! Donating £5 to our chosen charities.

The team at Garbutt + Elliott have embraced the 5×5 challenge with open arms which ran from Monday 23rd April to Sunday 3rd May and in excellent spirts , have gone one step further and got their families involved. The activities have been varied, and below are some of the challenges our teams have completed 5 times daily.

  • Running or cycling 5K
  • Daily exercise with Joe Wicks PE challenge
  • Hitting the cross bar
  • Learning the Ukulele

We have even had some of our team take the challenges to the next level and ‘brave the shave’ with amazing results!

Watch our video here here to see our teams challenges!