Free Float App for Cashflow Planning with Garbutt + Elliott until the end of May

For many businesses, there has never been a more critical time to have full visibility and a greater understanding of their financial position to allow owners to make informed decisions to protect the business and its workforce during the lock down period and beyond.

Cloud accounting with Xero allows you to maintain business as usual when it comes to keeping on top of financial record keeping.

But are you getting the most out of your real time, accurate financial information?

Understanding your short-term cash flow requirements is essential to being able to bring sanity to the current situation and plan next steps.

Float is a cash flow indicator app that links directly to your cloud accounting software package and right now, we can connect it to your Xero for free until the end of May.

Float is intuitive software that can be used to plan your expected cash flow – ideally on a 13-week rolling basis.  This will highlight if you require any additional funding during the pandemic and beyond.

Real time data from Xero flows into Float to be able to track your actual cash position against your budget, so you can constantly monitor and modify expectations based on the latest information.

We have a dedicated team that can set you up on Float and offer training and support when you build your forecasts and plan for different scenarios. Check out Float’s recent article on their 7 Steps to Combat Coronavirus Cash Flow Concerns.

Where you identify funding requirements, our dedicated COVID-19 Corporate Finance team will be able to assist you in securing the funding needed.

If you would like to speak to us about how cloud accounting technology can help you get clarity, gain sanity and plan, please email to arrange a free initial discussion with our team.