2016 Charity Partners

We have recently revealed the two charities we will be supporting this year – The Yorkshire Breast Cancer Haven and Special Stars Foundation. More

Smaller charities should focus on legacy income

Featured on www.CharitiesManagement.com Nigel Shaw, Partner, explores the continued rise of legacies as an income source for charities, and urges smaller charities in particular not to miss out on it. More

Charitable Legacies

The normal rate of inheritance tax (IHT) payable on a persons’ chargeable estate on death is 40% and this is payable on the Estate after taking into account all exemptions, reliefs and the nil rate. More

A Passion for your charity isn’t enough

Clearly a passion for your charity isn’t enough as austerity measures show no sign of abating.  A focussed business-like approach to running your charity is essential. More

The Future of the SoRP

For reporting periods commencing on or after 1st January 2015, we finally say goodbye to the long serving 2005 Charities SoRP with the transition to the new dual SoRPs. More

Changing Charity Audit Thresholds

The audit thresholds for English and Welsh charities have been increased for years ending on or after 31 March 2015, the limits for charities registered in Scotland will however remain unchanged. More