Businesses helping tackle Covid-19 – TSE solutions

We’re here to support you beyond the numbers and bring our clients together. With so many great businesses and people within our client base offering innovative solutions to help others tackle the problems faced in returning to the work place, we have created this space to share your efforts. We believe in community.

Below TSE Solutions show how they’re helping businesses return to work with a Heath and Safety-Free Checklist:

As the Corona Virus outbreak has completely changed the way we now have to work, the health and safety of the way we look after our employees has also had to change dramatically over recent weeks.

TSE Solutions can help businesses comply with up to date Corona Virus health and safety advice from the government by using our Back to Work COVID 19 risk assessment, ensuring that you can confidently display the Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020 poster.

We also provide risk assessments for areas such as Home Working, Display Screen Equipment and Vehicle Usage. We can act as your competent person for health and safety advice, helping to protect your business.

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