Businesses helping tackle Covid-19 – Sylatech

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Sylatech have created the The KeepSafe, a handheld anti-microbial device.

With the world in the midst of a global pandemic, Sylatech’s team of our engineers have stepped away from their usual projects, and towards a new challenge in these difficult times. They’ve created a personal handheld tool called the KeepSafe, made in a copper-based alloy that limits your contact with potentially contaminated surfaces when out and about.

The aim for the KeepSafe is simple. To help limit the spread of Covid-19 and to reduce your potential exposure to coronavirus. It is not a substitute for regular and thorough handwashing and personal hygiene, but an extra weapon in the fight against this invisible enemy. With a copper content of 79%, the KeepSafe has antimicrobial properties known to kill viruses and germs.

How does the KeepSafe work?
By using the KeepSafe you can physically distance yourselves from touching all of the things that you really don’t like touching anyway, but especially now – public door handles and toilets, handrails on public transport, buttons on cash and card machines, light switches and all types of bins.

For more information see KeepSafe website.