Businesses helping tackle Covid-19 – Network Medical Products

We’re here to support you beyond the numbers and bring our clients together. With so many great businesses and people within our client base offering innovative solutions to help others tackle the problems faced in returning to the work place, we have created this space to share your efforts. We believe in community.

Below read about how Network Medical Products are helping to tackle covid-19 with the Innovia face shield.

The Innovia face shield is:

• Designed to provide face protection from aerosols and minimize airborne cross-contamination
• CE marked to regulation 2016/425 (Notified Body BSI Netherlands Group BV)
• Meets all applicable requirements of EN 166:2002 Personal eye Protection
• Provides top, side, and front face protection for the healthcare professional
• 22.8cm long screen provides maximum protection.
• Elastic headband provides secure retention and easy application
• Can be worn over prescription eyewear and facemasks
• Anti-fog and optically clear screen for maximum visibility
• Lightweight and comfortable
• Latex-free
• Manufactured in an ISO Class 9 or higher classification UK cleanroom
• Non-sterile, single use, individually wrapped

It is aimed at protecting NHS front line workers but would be beneficial to Carers, GP surgeries, Dentists, Audiologists, Hairdressers, Supermarkets and anyone returning to work but coming into close contact with others.

For more information see the Network Medical Products website