Boundaries are self imposed – challenges are to be relished!

My colleagues and I are pushing ourselves to our limits as we undertake a gruelling 12-kilometre assault course, Total Warrior. As well as your good lucks and best wishes, it would be awesome if you can support our charities.

It has been something of a journey for me. Never one for long distances – I was always at the back three in school for cross country but I balanced this off with being in the top three for 100m! I lost my way in sport in my teens and spent most of my youngish days inactive.


I took up golf 10 years ago (as I was approaching mid-life, this must have been my crisis moment because I’m yet to buy a soft top car) and spent my time hacking around a course and three putting! When I originally started learning golf the then pro after several lessons thought I should give up, but I didn’t.

Two years ago, I thought I should take golf a bit more seriously especially now that I was getting invited to Corporate Days and needed to look the part. I went back to the Pro at my golf club and he said I needed to build my fitness.

Not one for gyms, I looked around and at my local Park in Roundhay they run this thing called British Military Fitness, basically bootcamp. I went for a taster session and was put in the easiest group, a blue bib. After one hour of training I spent the next two on the floor recovering. But with the ambition of playing better golf I signed up and I carried on through the sheer pain of it all three times a week. David the senior instructor was hugely impressed with my progress, three months in, he suggested that I step up into a red bib, effectively a more intense group where you get shouted at more!

Incidentally the golf has much improved (including the putting) and I even occasionally play in club competitions.

Six months into boot camp and feeling on top of the world (all those endorphins) I persuaded a colleague Adam to do a 10 km assault course. Completely unprepared, (I had never run more than three kilometres in my whole life) I turned up one wet and cold morning and gave it everything I had. I felt really good when I had finished, as not only did I have a medal and a t-shirt but I was only two minutes behind rugby playing Adam, who is circa 17 years my junior.

Boy did I pay for it for six months afterwards. I had pushed my body to its limits and was left limping for six months and receiving intense Physio. Meanwhile, in those six months I pushed even harder at work and was invited by my colleagues to join them as a partner.  The biggest lesson learnt, boundaries and limitations are self imposed and there for continuously expanding.  However, I still promised myself I would never do an assault course again.

But in true Corporate Finance fashion never again never happens. What started as a joke between myself and my colleague Jack has subsequently spiralled into a 14-person strong team. We haven’t stopped there though because we’ve added another level of competition by challenging colleagues in a bank and a law firm to race it to!

This time my training started in earnest during March 18 and has even continued whilst I observe the Muslim month of Ramadan which consists of fasting (no water or food) from circa 2am in the morning till circa 9.30pm in the evening. Ramadan ends on the 15th June and I have a week to load myself with carbs and give it everything again.

I know I can do it as I will be alongside some fantastic colleagues who will provide the encouragement and mental strength required for the day to be a success, while the video evidence will be provided by George wearing his GoPro to capture the action and poses.

G+E’s Total Warrior Team would be grateful if you could support both us and our nominated charities – Our Angels and York Special Care Baby Unit

The link to our just giving page is below.

Thanking you for whatever you are able to donate to our great causes.