Advantages of using Bacs services

When choosing a payroll provider, a key thing to look out for is whether they have Bacs approval. A Bacs Approved Payroll Bureau will make your payroll a lot more efficient and most importantly a lot less stressful by making payments by electronic transfer on your behalf.

As a fully approved PAY.UK Bacs Payroll Bureau, Garbutt+Elliott can take the stress out of paying staff and HMRC. Once your payroll has been approved, let us take care of your payments, if you do there are a number of advantages:


  • No more reliance on your authorised individuals beingaround to pay your employees and HMRC.
  • No more re-keying of information into your electronic payments stem.
  • Save costs on purchase and upgrades of BACS software
  • Cost effective and reliable
  • Bacs Inspectors undertake periodic reviews of Approved Payroll Bureau ensuring all controls and procedures around Bacs payments are of the highest standards
  • Assured compliance with BACS rules and compliance
  • Professional support and advice


With all the additional pressures being faced by businesses during these most challenging of times, why not let G+E take away the stress of having the right person in the right place at the right time to make sure all of your employees are paid on time.

For more information on our Bacs payment services please contact: