5 reasons why you should move to Electronic Payslips

Technology is always advancing and working habits are constantly  changing, including the way people are paid and receiving their payslips, P60’s and P11d’s.

Most people are accessing a number of different pieces of information from their mobile devices such as banking to managing emails and even making online purchases, so why wouldn’t we also receive our payslips digitally too? A number of employers now look for payroll providers who offer portal or smartphone access to payroll information.

Below are 5 reasons why as an employer you should consider moving to electronic payslips:


  • You can be confident that sensitive employee data is always safe

Electronic payslip software offers a fully secure online platform that features SSL, two-factor authentication and even encrypts documents to ensure the highest level of security.


  • You could reduce costs and save resources

Stationery, printing and postage costs become a thing of the past and the electronic process is simple and cost effective


  • Employees will have the flexibility to access their payroll at any time.

Payroll information can be accessed online via any preferred device and staff will never lose a payslip, P60 or P11d


  • Electronic payslip platforms help you stay compliant

E-payslips meet GDPR requirements and offer a clear audit trail. They can also provide auto-enrolment communications, ad hoc communication and can automatically deliver P60s and P11d’s with your business branding


  • Users can control their account details

Employees can make username and password changes themselves. They can even securely perform their own account recovery.


With more companies offering electronic payslips, this is leading to the demise of the paper payslips. It is important as a company that you keep updating and changing how you are processing payroll to move with the times and ensure you are using the latest technology available. It improves the employer and employee relationship saving time and increasing service provision. Going digital really can make everyone happier!!

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of electronic payslips and how they can improve your business and employees peace of mind, contact support@garbutt-elliott.co.uk and we will be happy to help.