5 Key Questions ahead of Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge!

So, with only 5 days to go to our Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge here’s what our group of Partners/Directors are currently thinking (fretting!) about:

1. What is the weather going to be like?

Afraid it looks likely to be “hot” on Friday – not ideal when you are climbing 6,000+ feet but the views from the top of Pen-y-ghent, Whernside & Ingleborough should be spectacular!  Will be bringing plenty of sun cream for our team of 11 & will be relying on our support driver (Ian Pickup) to carry plenty of water & other refreshments – sadly no beer though (until the end) despite the close proximity of a few pubs on route.

2. What are we going to wear on your feet?

Where do we start with this one? We have 1 Director with very “delicate” feet after years pursuing an “aquatic” sports career, to another one who is still “wearing in” some boots they have only worn a couple of times previously. If there is one thing which will “find you out” on this challenge its opting for the wrong footwear.  Believe me, I have tried them all. One thick pair of socks; one thin pair & a thick pair: changing socks after each peak; I could go on, but personally I will be opting for some lightweight fell-running shoes with a pair of walking boots in the support car – Just in case!

3. What are you going to eat on the day?

This is the simplest question to answer

6am – biggest bowl of porridge, banana & honey you can manage … followed by sufficient carbohydrates on a two-hour cycle to replace the 5,000 + calories we’ll be burning off in our 12-hour challenge. For once, chocolate bars & cereal biscuits are essential plus tuna, cheese or ham sandwiches. We certainly won’t be starving on our walk.

4. What if we get lost?

I keep telling my colleagues this is highly unlikely unless we have a snow blizzard or low-lying fog early in the morning. The route is incredibly well defined & we’ve all used a compass before (need to check that one?). Besides we have an expert local farmer (thanks Chris) to guide us to top of each peak & more importantly to the pubs in Settle afterwards!

5. What if I can’t carry on?

Well, we just leave you where you fall …. Seriously we all accept that in our team of 11 walker’s different levels of fatigue will kick in at different times (mine is usually after my bowl of porridge) but the key objective is to get as many around the route & up the 3 peaks as possible without injury, sunstroke or dehydration.  Anyway, we want to pace ourselves so we can enjoy the views, each other’s company & most of all, the sense of achievement in “knocking off” the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.

Thanks for all your support – we are getting closer to our £5,000 fundraising target but if you can support our efforts in favour of York Against Cancer and Leeds Children’s hospital Appeal please follow the link below. We will be tweeting on the day so will keep you updated with our efforts.

To support us in our challenge: