Why choose our audit and advisory services?

With our passion for delivering quality and timely audits, our audit team have a personal and hands on approach putting our clients at the forefront every time.

Before we begin any audit we take time to get to know and understand our clients and their businesses. This includes undertaking thorough reviews of systems and processes, to provide suggestions which can help strengthen governance and / or improve efficiencies.

Good communication is vital for the delivery of a strong audit and we are committed to keeping both you and ourselves up to date with any regulatory changes.

Our goal is to ensure that new regulation is effectively, efficiently and seamlessly dealt with. We will continually talk to you and invite you to briefings about regulatory changes where appropriate for you.

Services on offer

We provide a tailored approach to every audit, which in part is based on the size and complexity of the business in question.

This is achieved through our understanding of our clients and their businesses.

From our experience, an audit for a small to medium business is more likely to focus on its structure, both business and management, rather than traditional accounting issues.  A larger organisation will often have issues arising from its complexity and so will require more in depth fieldwork in the first instance.

Our understanding of your operations is important not only because it allows us to offer a personal service, but also enables us to understand the aspirations, issues and challenges of your organisation. This knowledge and understanding ensures our audit plan is developed around your requirements rather than imposing ourselves on you.

Audit quality is not only a sign of technical competence but also of professional conduct.

Whether you are a growing business, a not-for-profit organisation or are looking to sell your business, an audit is a sign of good governance and shows your insistence in having good internal controls and willingness to use external advisers – all of which are appealing to potential investors, as well as regulatory bodies.


For further information, please contact Alan Sidebottom or Chris Butt at hello@garbutt-elliott.co.uk