Our CSR Commitment

We are passionate about charity support, from helping the homeless to fighting illness in this country and overseas. It is important to us as individuals, as well as in our working lives, that we make practical and financial contributions to support our local community.

In 2014 our CSR Committee formed working to deliver an effective CSR policy, encouraging activities internally and organising events with our chosen charities. We support charities in many different ways; through fundraising as well as offering “hands on” support. Our varied involvement gives us the opportunity to give something back to our community, whilst at the same time raising awareness of their invaluable work and also getting a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction as individuals and as a firm.

We welcome opportunities to minimise the environmental impact of our business where possible, encouraging green living through, recycling, and car sharing and cycling to work. To help inspire participation the CSR Committee strive to deliver a variety of different fundraising opportunities, the Partners also frequently double the amount raised by making an additional company contribution. Working closely as a firm and with each of our charities we hope to make a difference to our local community.

Our chosen charities for this year

Choosing charities to work with is extremely hard and we try to involve the whole firm, inviting people to put forward charities they would like us to support. The CSR team then decide on two charities that we will support financially and two charities we will volunteer our time to.

York Against Cancer

York Against Cancer are a small, independent, local charity. Over the last three decades they have raised more than £14 million to make a difference to the lives of local people affected by cancer.

Leeds Children’s Hospital Appeal

Leeds Children’s Hospital, a part of Leeds Teaching Hospitals Charitable Foundation, provides one of the most comprehensive range of specialist children’s hospital services in the country and is a regional centre, looking after youngsters from birth to the age of 16 living right across Yorkshire and beyond.

York Blind and Partially Sighted Society (YBPSS)

YBPSS is an independent local charity, working to increase independence for people with sight problems. They run a wide range of services including an eye clinic, volunteer visits, and a telephone helpline. For more information and the full list of services provided, please visit their website: www.ybpss.org

Northcall Community Centre

Northcall is a Community Centre based in Leeds, providing all sorts of services and activities for the local community. These include a weekly youth club, a service called Northcare which offers support for older and housebound members of the community, and various other clubs for parents, children and the elderly. For more information please visit their website: www.northcall.org.uk

Our previous chosen charities

2015/16  – The Haven

2015/16 – Special Stars Foundation

2014/15 – Candlelighters

2014/15 – York Mind

Funds raised to date: £16,000

If you require any further information about our CSR involvement please contact our CSR Committee on 01904 464100 or hello@garbutt-elliott.co.uk