Running Order:

  • 08:00 till 08:30Registration & refreshments
  • 08:30 till 09:30Presentations
  • 09:30 till 10:00Networking

Your Intellectual Property; Obtaining a Competitive Advantage + getting cash back from HMRC

Businesses are often unaware that they own assets called intellectual property (“IP”) rights which arise automatically and can have significant value.  Also, there are many businesses (even if they are not based in technology sectors) who are sufficiently innovative to claim enhanced tax relief but are not making claims.

Presentations from: Clarion and Garbutt + Elliott

 Covering how IP rights (whether or not registered) can be used to:

  • Create a competitive advantage (by stopping competitors selling certain goods and services)
  • Derive income (for example by licensing IP rights out in return for royalties or selling them to third parties).
  • Act as security for loans and;
  • Claim significant tax relief through Research and Development Tax Credits and;
  • Put value on your company’s balance sheet

We will also discuss practical tips to avoid infringing third party IP rights.