Tax Support Service Seminar

As part of your Garbutt + Elliott Tax Support Service for Professionals, we are pleased to invite you to our Tax support services seminar in Leeds on 20th September. MoreMore

Your Intellectual Property; Obtaining a Competitive Advantage + getting cash back from HMRC

Businesses are often unaware that they own assets called intellectual property (“IP”) rights which arise automatically and can have significant value. MoreMore

Yorkshire Food Entrepreneurs Evening

This event is open to people and businesses directly involved with the food & drink sector. Please fill out the form below to book your place. MoreMore

Suits + Vinyl (York Business Week)

Can’t believe it's our 3rd Year at the York Business week! Just turn up and be prepared to relax, have a drink, chat and listen to the finest music vinyl can offer. MoreMore

The Autumn Budget: Post-budget roundup

Our ‘Post Budget Roundup’ on November 28th will discuss the key points of this first, regular, Autumn Budget and provide analysis for what it means for us as individuals as well as our businesses. MoreMore